Monday, September 10, 2012

RTW - Day 9 - Eureka to Garberville, CA

80 miles, 3900 feet of climb (cumulative 588 miles, 31900 feet of climb)

The weather warmed into the 70's today as we headed inland through Humbolt Redwoods State Park to Garberville. For the most part, we were on roads paralleling US101 including CA292 for 35 miles, aptly named "Avenue of the Giants".  There were giant redwoods right next to the road as we cycled along.

Our little cycling group on the Avenue of the Giants

Everyone remarked that is was a wonderful day and most of us took our time through the redwoods.  It was remarkably cool and dark in the forest, though the pictures do no do justice to the magnificence of the trees or the darkness on the forest floor.

Giant redwoods

We finished with a difficult hot climb into Garberville and had an early dinner at a local pizzeria. Garberville is full of 60+ year old hippies from the 1960's. Unkempt folks with long hair and bad teeth sitting in the middle of the sidewalk smoking something or other. They are friendly though.

We are now just over 200 miles from San Francisco and have four cycling days to get there. Though the mileage may not be great, we have a significant amount of climbing to do in the next two days. Tonight I have a lovely evening planned, as it is my turn to sleep on the cot. I'm thinking about heading downtown to sleep with the locals instead. Peace out.

Mark, Joe, Jeff

We climb a 10% hill on Grizzly Bluff Rd.

Back: Leo, Susan and Mark Weisbarth, Mark Koltz, Gary, Howard and Shirley
Front: Don, Jeff, Joe, Mose
One of the local establishments

Today's ride:

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