Sunday, September 23, 2012

RTW - Day 22 - Oxnard to Marina del Rey, CA

54 miles, 1500 feet of climb (cumulative 1405 miles, 76100 feet of climb)

A warm day requiring only normal summer riding clothes. Today I went to mass and started a half hour behind everyone. So I rode alone for virtually the entire day. Our route was on rural roads out of Oxnard and then the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Marina del Rey.

Along the Pacific Coast Highway
Views along the PCH were fantastic, as the pictures show. At mile 20, we cycled through Malibu and then hit the bike path along the beach through Santa Monica, past the pier, through Venice Beach, and into Marina del Rey.


PCH in Malibu
I finally caught up to Jeff, Mark, and Gary where they were stopped for lunch in Santa Monica. From there, it was about 5 miles to the hotel, located about a mile away from the beach. Tonight, we have our farewell banquet and then tomorrow we have one final ride to Costs Mesa/Newport Beach to cap off the tour.

Lunch along the bike path in Santa Monica

Char and the Santa Monica pier

Gary at Venice Beach

Our hotel

Today's ride:

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