Wednesday, September 19, 2012

RTW - Day 18 - King City to Paso Robles, CA

62 miles, 4400 feet of climb (cumulative 1142 miles, 65200 feet of climb)

We again had a cold, foggy start with temperatures in the high 40's. Similar to yesterday, this changed to clear and sunny skies with warm temperatures as soon as we topped the first climb at about mile 12.

Mark: The Masked Man of Death

Today, Mark Koltz didn't feel well from a cold, and he rode in the van. Mark claims I gave him the cold, just because I've been rooming with him and had a similar, milder cold last week. If I did, sorry about that, Mark. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Susan's bag was just a little bit over the 35 pound limit this morning.

Our route today was primarily on County Route G14 and we were out in the country all day. There were a couple of significant climbs at mile 10 and 41 that reached 10% grade, as well as a bunch of other smaller climbs that were in the 8% to 10% range. The second big climb, just past the Bee Rock Store, went on for a couple of miles and we had great views from the top. I had decent legs today and enjoyed the climbs.

Mark Weisbarth, up the road, after the first SAG stop

 I rode with Jeff and Mark Weisbarth to the first SAG stop at mile 23 and then I rode with Mark the rest of the day. Howard Uehle also joined us for awhile.

Howard and Mark on a climb, around mile 30

The Bee Rock Store, our second SAG stop

All of the smaller ups and downs from mile 47 to mile 60 were real leg killers. Eventually, the road tilted down and we got to the hotel earlier than usual. Tonight is the ABB T shirt swap and then we have another full day tomorrow into Santa Maria.

Karen and Mark on the climb after the Bee Rock Store

Mark took this photo
Today's ride:

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