Sunday, September 9, 2012

RTW - Day 8 - Crescent City to Eureka, CA

85 miles, 4900 feet of climb (cumulative 508 miles, 27900 feet of climb)

Walking through the redwoods

Today we had great weather. Sunny skies, a crisp 50 degrees at the start, warming to 74 at the finish. Our route was south on US101 with diversions through Redwoods State Park, Scenic Drive near the town of Trinidad, and the Hammond Trail Bike Path.

The Big Tree (1500 years old, 304 feet high, 21.6 foot diameter)

The ride was broken into three parts,  The first 33 miles were through a redwood forest, including a visit to The Big Tree (see photo). Around mile 59 we took Scenic Drive for some spectacular views of the ocean and rocks. And we spent about five miles on a rural bike path before entering Eureka.

Moe, Larry, and Curly, not necessarily in that order, on Scenic Drive

In all, everyone said they had a great day, in spite of the longer distance and close to 5000 feet of climb. We're staying at a Best Western hotel in Eureka that has a nice heated swimming pool and jacuzzi.  A barbecue dinner and it is time to get ready for tomorrow's 79 miles.

A view from Scenic Drive, around mile 60
Today's ride:

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