Thursday, September 13, 2012

RTW - Day 12 - Cloverdale to Petaluma, CA

71 miles, 2900 feet of climb (cumulative 805 miles, 45000 feet of climb)

Sonoma County

Today was a beautiful day in Sonoma County. We went past scores of vineyards and wineries, including Fritz, Dutcher Crossing, Raymond Burr, Quivira, Armida, and Korbel among others. The grapes are about ready for picking this year. We stopped and tasted a few off the vines, and they were very sweet. One vineyard was in the process of picking their grapes this morning.

Korbel Winery

Oh yes, we also cycled today. I rode with Mark Koltz and Jeff Douglas all day and we took our time, making many stops along the way. Our first stop was at Korbel, where I tasted some of their Brut. Very tasty.

The grapes are about ready for picking and were very sweet.

Next we stopped at the Union Hotel in the town of Occidental, where they had sticky buns that must have weighed a pound each. Very good and filling.  We also stopped at Joseph Phelps vineyards (they also have vineyards and a winery in Napa) but did not do any tasting there.

On today's route

In all, it was a very relaxed pace today and we did not get done until well after 2PM. A very pleasant day in wine country riding with old friends. Tomorrow, we reach San Francisco to conclude the second of three legs of our ride.

Jeff, Tracey, Mark at mile 52

Today's ride:

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