Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RTW - Day 10 - Garberville to Ft. Bragg, CA

69 miles, 5500 feet of climb (cumulative 658 miles, 37400 feet of climb)

Before talking about today's ride, I have to go back to last night.  Jeff and I took another walk into Garberville for ice cream shortly after dark and the place was closed down except for the local supermarket. That place, inside and out, was full of hippies, those that weren't already bedded down near The Hemp Connection, a block away. Shirley overheard one of them saying, "Dude, like I have been wasted for three days." An amazing place, Garberville.  The BBC calls it "the marijuana heartland of the US".

The ABB van at the second SAG stop

Dude, our route today was on US 101 and also on side roads until mile 24, when we turned on California State Route 1 which featured a four mile climb and a two mile climb before reaching the ocean. We had great views of the ocean the second half of the ride. I rode with Jeff and Mark most of the day.

A view from the second SAG stop

Today was the highest amount of climbing we have had to date and some of the cyclists suffered. At 80 feet per mile, it was also the highest ratio of climbing feet to cycling miles to date, and is similar to many of the North Georgia rides I do on Tuesday's/Thursday's with my Lifetime Fitness friends. I didn't have a problem with the climbing and rather enjoyed it. But a few others struggled to get in with the many small but steep ups and downs with headwind towards end of the day.

Another view, around mile 57

A hot shower, cleaning and lubricating the chain on my bike, a pizza buffet at a local restaurant, and a one mile cycle downtown for ice cream concluded the day.  I'm ready and my bike is ready for the 75 miles to Cloverdale tomorrow. The clam chowder and ice cream count is up to 5 and 2, with ice cream gaining.

You might just be able to see Mark, with Jeff behind him, to the upper right

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