Monday, September 3, 2012

RTW - Day 2 - Tillamook to Lincoln City, OR

58.5 miles, 4313 feet of climb (Cumulative 142 miles, 8347 feet of climb)

Riders from CRR-ABB 2011 (Don, Rick, Margo, Barbara, John, Joe, Leo)

Today was Colorado jersey day for those riding CRR-ABB in July 2011, hosted by Beth and Sandy. We talked about the great memories from that ride.

Looking south from Cape Meares Lighthouse

Today's ride was primarily on the Three Capes Scenic Route, a lightly traveled side road that hugged the coast and passed through Netarts and Pacific City. There were four significant climbs contributing to the 4300 feet of climb. Looking at the Garmin elevation chart for the ride, you would be hard pressed to determine where the 4000 feet were, but they were there.

Midday looking north

Again, the weather was wonderful. No rain and not even any fog. Just sunny skies in the 40's at the start, climbing onto the 60's at the finish. I rode an easy pace with a dozen other riders for the first nine miles until the road climbed up to the Cape Meares Lighthouse. After photos at the lighthouse, everyone quickly left and we were in ones and twos until the first Sag stop at Cape Lookout State Park (20 miles). After making a phone call and looking at email, I was behind the group until the second sag stop at mile 45. Then, I regrouped with Jeff for a spirited last 800 foot climb and descent towards Lincoln City.  Slab Creek Road was closed, which cut about 4 miles from our route today.

Another view
Today's ride:


  1. Looks like you guys are having great weather. Excellent!

    1. Thanks Steve. Looks like we've had less fog than you had last year. So far so good on the weather this year. Wish you were here.

  2. Superb photographs. Can't wait to drive it!!!

    1. Thanks Ian. Wish you were here. Several of the 2010 riders have mentioned you the last three days. Positively, of course.

    2. Thanks Joe. I wish I was too. It looks marvellous.