Monday, September 17, 2012

RTW - Day 16 - Santa Cruz to Carmel Valley, CA

74 miles, 3500 feet of climb (cumulative 1023 miles, 57300 feet of climb)

Our day started out cold and overcast, as have most of the last fifteen. Who knew that the Oregon and California coasts were so cold in September? This morning I wore a head cap, poly pro undershirt, my cycling jersey, a vest, arm warmers and a windbreaker and I was still cold.

Strawberry fields, forever

After cycling through Santa Cruz, stopping for breakfast along the way, we reached an agricultural area growing artichokes and strawberries. You could smell the strawberries as you were cycling through the latter.

A nice morning bike path

Once out of the agricultural area and past our first SAG stop, we reached a nice bike path that went on for over ten miles until we reached the outskirts of Monterey. Jeff, Mark, Tim, and I stopped for lunch in the Cannery Row area.

Reaching Monterey on the bike path

Lunch at Cannery Row, overlooking the bay

Another view of Monterey Bay

Next was a wonderful ride along 17 Mile Drive, cycling along the coast, going past Spanish Bay, Spyglass, and Pebble Beach golf courses.

Along 17 Mile Drive

The Lone Cypress

Pebble Beach golf course

We finished with a ten mile cycle through Carmel Valley to the rustic Los Laureles Lodge, where we are staying for the night.

Cycling through Carmel Valley
Los Laureles Lodge in Carmel Valley

Today's ride:

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