Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RTW - Day 17 - Carmel Valley, to King City, CA

57 miles, 3500 feet of climb (cumulative 1080 miles, 60800 feet of climb)

Today was another cold start at 48 degrees, overcast, and windy. Our route was mostly on Monterey County Route G16 to Greenfield, followed by side roads to King City.

Start of the day

The initial 20 miles of the ride had over 2000 feet of climb. The climb started gradually and then kicked up to 10% around mile 12. Eventually, the sun came out just before the day's only SAG stop at mile 19.

Mike was following us in the van up the first climb

Eventually, we topped out at about 2500 feet and started a winding descent of about ten miles through another valley.

On the initial ascent

On the descent towards Greenfield

Jeff and Mark

Approaching the town of Greenfield, the land became agricultural. We saw vineyards and fields of red onion and broccoli. I rode with Mark Weisbarth, Jeff Douglas, and Gary Weinstein most of the day.  Mark had a flat tire, his second, about a mile and a half from the hotel.

Mountains on one side, farmland on the other

Though we were not near the coast today, the scenery was very nice and it was a pleasant day for cycling.

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