Monday, September 24, 2012

RTW - Day 23 - Marina del Rey to Newport Beach, CA

52 miles, 1300 feet of climb (cumulative 1456.6 miles, 77425 feet of climb)


Last night, we had our farewell banquet and everyone got to thank the ABB staff and say goodbye to the staff and other riders. Tracey received the progress map and treated us to "America The Beautiful" on guitar. Then, it was to bed before our last day of riding.

Leaving Marina del Rey

Today was somewhat anticlimactic. Though we did go through a nice area in Palos Verdes, we also had to contend with many stop signs and traffic lights and also went through an industrial area.  Better to have ended the ride in Marina del Rey because the day was nothing special. I have a lingering cough and had no energy whatsoever. So I was happy to see the hotel at the end.

The bike path along the ocean

The ride is over and everyone is packing their bikes to ship home. I'll be renting a car and spending a few days with my friends Scott and Stephanie in the Oceanside area, before flying home on Thursday. Haven't figured out how I am going to get my bike home yet.

After a few days to decompress, I'll try to summarize the ride in one final post.

Today's ride:

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