Friday, May 11, 2012

BRP - Day 7 - MP 376.7 to 431.4

 Jeff sets the pace on a beautiful day

Today's ride was only 55 miles but we climbed over 7,000 feet, making it a difficult day after the 10,600 feet we climbed yesterday. The weather was again perfect and our route took us up to 6053 ft. in altitude, the highest elevation directly on the parkway.

Jeff and Joe at mile 428

 Joe at the end of today's last climb
 Joe, Jeff, and Mark at the end of the day's ride

We are staying at the Pisgah Inn at mile 408.6. Originally we planned on riding only to this point, but we cycled an additional 23 miles to shorten the final ride to mile 469 at the end of the parkway. This will allow Jeff, Aila, and Mark to get a jump on their ride back home tomorrow afternoon. The Pisgah Inn is very nice. Each room has a wonderful view of the mountains. Aila and Karen had a nice lunch in the restaurant and everyone also enjoyed dinner and dessert here tonight.

The Pisgah Inn at MP 408, right on the parkway

So far, we've cycled 414 miles and climbed 43,900 feet in six riding days. It has been a difficult week but Jeff and I each felt pretty good after today's ride. I am going to have to tackle the Brasstown Bald climb when I get home. Thanks to everyone I've ridden with at Burnt Mountain and at the gaps.  Those hilly north Georgia rides have really helped to prepare for this ride.

Today's Garmin stats:

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