Saturday, May 5, 2012

BRP - Day 1 - MP 0.0 to 85.6

Karen and I met Mark, Jeff and Aila at the hotel in Waynesboro last night and after a good nights sleep, we drove to milepost 0.0 to begin our Blue Ridge Parkway ride. The weather was mostly overcast at the start.

Today's ride was 86 miles to the Peaks of Otter lodge, one of two hotels right on the parkway. The total parkway mileage is 470 with 48,600 feet of climb, excluding a side trip up Mount Mitchell. We had great views early in the day. The Parkway runs right along the top of the ridge with good views to the valley both to the east and west.

This is Mark during the beginning of today's big climb.  From mile mark 63.0 to 76.7 is a 3305 ft. climb.

The weather deteriorated as we reached elevation. Basically, it poured. But we finished today's ride safely and had a nice dinner and evening at the Peaks of Otter lodge.

Today's Garmin data (the climb was over 8000 feet but the weather caused my Garmin to miss one of the climbs.):

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