Monday, May 7, 2012

BRP - Day 3 - MP 162.4 to 217.5

Today's ride was only 55+ miles and 4993 feet of climbing. After breakfast, we cycled 14 miles to Mabry Mill at mile post 176 and stopped for the obligatory photo in front of the mill. This is the most photographed spot on the BRP. Arm warmers and vests or windbreakers were required today.

We started with overcast skies which became fog when we climbed to higher elevation. These two pictures are at 3000 feet elevation. We'll be at 6000 feet in a few days. The sun did come out in the afternoon.

For most of today's ride we had rolling terrain.  A few hundred feet of uphill and a few hundred feet of downhill. No large climbs like we had on Day 1 and 2, or like we will have later on in the week. In all, an easier day after a lot of climbing the previous two days.

It was good to see mile post 200. We are making progress.

The Virginia/North Carolina state line was reached at mile 216.9.

Here, I reach Cumberland Knob with Mark at mile 217.5. At this point the road is closed for the next 20 miles due to construction on the rock retaining walls. There is an hour detour by car to reach the other end of the closed section. Accordingly, this was a good place to call it a day, and we are staying at a hotel in Sparta along the detour. Conveniently, this was also a good place to stop in order to visit my mom in Fries, VA this evening.

Another nice day for a ride. Hopefully we will have clearer skies when we get to the higher elevations the next few days.

I can't seem to download my Garmin data for today's ride. So here is a link to Jeff's data:

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  1. You look hot in those red shorts, Joe!