Monday, August 27, 2012

Ride The West - All my bags are packed...

...I'm ready to go.

My bicycle has been shipped and has already arrived at the hotel in Astoria. My bags are packed and I fly to Portland on Friday. Ride the West starts Saturday where we will reassemble our bikes, have a meet and greet, orientation/safety briefing, and group dinner before a Sunday morning departure south along the Pacific Coast.

Hopefully, the bike frame is still in one piece at the hotel in Astoria

I am looking forward to reuniting with many friends from the 2010 cross country ride and meeting other ABB alumni from other rides. Let's hope everyone arrives safely in Oregon and all of our bicycles also arrive unbroken. Our ride will be 1400 miles with 75000 feet of climbing from Astoria, OR to Newport Beach, CA over 23 days. We will cycle on 21 days with "off days" in Crescent City and San Francisco.

I will attempt to update this blog for my family each day during the ride, as I did in 2010. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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