Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cycling the Erie Canal - Day 3

Day 3 –Pittsford to Seneca Falls (60.1 miles)

Aunt Jean with Gary and Harold
This morning we said goodbye to Aunt Jean and drove to the start at Jefferson Road School in Pittsford.  Gary shuttled the car and I rode with Harold all day. Most of the days ride was along the canal path through Fairport, Palmyra, Newark, and into Clyde. Then, we took roads to Seneca Falls which apparently was the inspiration for the town of Bedford Falls in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.
Harold, cycling on Day 3

Lock 30
It was a typical relatively quiet and peaceful ride. No hurry, and an easy and relaxing time while cycling on my hybrid bike. Glad I brought the hybrid, since the trail makes everything dusty and dirty and there are a few soft spots on the mostly crushed gravel path. Harold also brought his hybrid bike, while Gary is riding his road bike with slightly wider tires that he usually uses.

I saw this barefooted Amish boy running down the road today

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